Le Corbusier’s Archives Expose the Man Behind the Buildings

Staying with The Sunday Times for a minute, but turning back to what matters: the stories. We turn to Matthew Campbell‘s full review of the new Phaidon book that’s opening up the Le Corbusier archives, Le Corbusier Le Grand, and discovering that while he might have been one of the geniuses of modern architecture, he was also just a guy who had problems like the rest of us. What makes this book particularly special is that Corbusier was notoriously secretive about his notes, his plans, and his life in general, so getting a peek into the inner workings of the man is something of a treat for fans of his work. Campbell’s review provides a nice primer into the man and the juicy parts of what was learned from his archives. But after that taste, you’re going to have to shell out the big Phaidon bucks to read the whole thing.

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