Le Corbusier Exhibit Review Round-Up

You’ve probably noticed that we, along with numerous other sites, have been talking about Le Corbusier a lot more than would traditionally be expected. This is, of course, due to the recent launch of the first exhibition on the famous architect in many years, located in the crypt of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral in the UK. To give you a sense of the exhibit, we thought we’d offer up a quick rundown of the recent reviews, now that they’re starting to trickle in. First up is the local press, the Liverpool Daily Press, which spends it’s time talking to museum officials about the exhibit and describes what’s there. It’s interesting, but certainly short and sweet. For the real meat and potatoes, turn first to Jay Merrick‘s review in the Independent, which not just gets into detail about what exactly you’re looking at, but into the significance of what it meant to Le Corbusier, his career, and the idea of “architecture as art” in general. If you’re one for putting your brain cap on to do some thinking about these sorts of things, it’s well worth your time. Finally, we turn to the one and only Edwin Heathcote, who muses on some similar terrain, but also focuses on delivering more of a review toward the end, saying that it’s perfect for Corbusier fans, but really doesn’t spend enough time focused on what happened after he’d died in 1965, both the cultish celebration of his work and the vilifying of it as well. In total, all well worth your time, and see how we either just saved you plane fare to the UK, or persuaded you to book a trip to go check it out? Either way: you’re welcome.