Layoffs Coming to NY Times

For some New York Times staffers, the holidays are not going to be so great. Even if aunt Lisa gets too drunk and tries to wrestle grandma again. According to The New York Post, layoffs are coming to the paper, as not enough people are choosing to take buyouts.

In early October, the Times announced to staffers that it needed to reduce its newsroom by 100. If enough staffers took the buyouts being offered, then no additional cuts would need to be made. As of yesterday, the number of buyout requests had only reached “the high 30s,” according to the Newspaper Guild’s rep at the Times.

With the December 1 deadline for buyouts looming, deputy executive editor Janet Elder admitted that cuts were likely. “Given that the buyout window is still open, it’s hard to have an absolute answer to that question just yet,” Elder wrote in a memo. “Early efforts to handicap the outcome regrettably point to having to do some layoffs.”

Happy holidays.

[Image: Flickr/Taranosuke]