Layoffs Coming to LA Times Pressroom

LA Times pressroom is being further downsized “in response to the decline in revenue and page counts.” Ten union pressroom employees will be laid off at the end of August.

The LAT pressroom has been hit hard by layoffs in the past. Last year the paper closed their Orange County printing facility as a cost-cutting measure. There are currently about 127 pressroom employees at the one remaining printing facility

The full email from management is included after the jump.

The email below was found at the union blog Save Our Trade.

Ronnie Pineda
GCC-IBT Local #140N

As we have previously indicated, the LA Times continues to evaluate its business and seize opportunities to better compete in this very difficult economy. Indeed, this economy has made it particularly challenging for those in the newspaper business. To that end, the LA Times will reduce staffing in the pressroom in response to the decline in revenue and page counts. Unfortunately, this decision will result in the layoff of employees, including ten employees in the bargaining unit. Layoffs will likely begin on or about August 28, 2011.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

Russ Newton
SVP Operations & Home Delivery