Layoffs At Idaho Statesman

This is a little old, but it’s important: the Idaho Statesman laid off seven journalists and two non-newsroom staff members in the latest round of cuts to hit the paper earlier this month, reports the Idaho Business Review. A one-week furlough for the remaining staffers will hit later this year.

In a newsroom of only 50, seven layoffs is a fairly big deal. Two reporters, a designer, a production editor, and three copy-editors (two full-time, one part-time) lost their jobs, as well as an IT employee and a production employee.

An employee who edited magazines will be reduced to part-time and remaining staff are taking on extra duties.

It’s the paper’s fourth round of cuts since 2008. An insider told the Idaho Business Review that when the cuts were announced at an Aug. 15 staff meeting, management said, “basically, ‘We thought we were in better shape than we are.'”

The Statesman is owned by the McClatchy Company, which, although revenues have fallen significantly, was profitable in the last quarter.