The Unabomber Wants to Vet His Interview Questions

New Yorker staff writer Lawrence Wright passes.

New Yorker staff writer Lawrence Wright has apologized for the snarky comment he attached Monday to a tweeted image of a letter received from Theodore Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber. It’s a hazard of the social media age and we certainly won’t hold that remark against the esteemed Wright.

It is funny though to consider that the phenomenon of “snark,” as we know it, essentially took hold following Kaczynski’s arrest and sentencing in the late 1990s. So it’s somewhat comical for a madman who eschewed the rote of modern daily life to be enveloped in such a concept.

Also comical, to us, is the way Kaczynski ended his handwritten April 4 missive:

Please include a list of questions with your reply.

That sort of advance look is a big no-no for most journalists. However, you can’t blame Kaczynski for trying. Wright has passed on the exclusive interview opportunity. Florence, Colo. prisoner #04475-046 may want to try Geraldo Rivera.

Update (June 20):
This strange story just got a bit stranger. In a letter sent out this month to BuzzFeed and other outlets by Kaczynski, the Colorado inmate insists that the correspondence received and cited by Wright is a hoax. Kaczynski’s note begins:

Some creep in Santa Barbara, California, has been sending letters in my name to various journalists, requesting an interview and expressing what he pretends are my opinions.

I’m not going to give any interviews, and I do not necessarily share the opinions expressed in the creep’s letters.

April 15, 1996 Time magazine cover by Michael Gallacher-Missoulian/Gamma Liaison via: