Law and Order Depicts Theresa Duncan’s Death

But there was a twist – the writer character was murdered instead of committing suicide and the cult harassing her had a leader that isn’t publishing books from the grave. Crazy. Plus on TV – the cult was totally innocent – it was the insane paranoia and hatred AT the cult that lead the husband to murder his wife and throw himself off a building to try and give the cult bad publicity. And it was that same paranoia and hatred that made him confess instead of accepting an impending mistrial.

Ripped from the headlines.


I could only assume Systemotics=Scientology, but it wasn’t exactly current, so I was uncertain about that.

I think we can assume it is. Jeremy Sisto mentioned in a recent interview that he enjoyed working on “… an episode about Scientology. I have friends who are Scientologists, so I hope they aren’t offended.”

We have friends that used to be Law and Order fans…they’re offended.