Laurent Vernhes Believes the End is Near for Designer Hotels


For years it seems like we’ve been hearing about fancy new designer hotels, and have even reported on it from time to time, like with Philippe Starck‘s work coming and going to even Motel 6 deciding that it’s time to update their image. But what sort of seems like a good thing, hotels either embracing better design or at least updating their tired looks, Laurent Vernhes doesn’t necessarily agree in this post as a guest blogger over at the NY Times. Instead, he says, there has become a wave of hotels that have gone after “design” but never really stopping to figure out just what exactly “design” means, resulting in a whole slew of temporary residences that are difficult for guests to function inside of. What’s more, because of this “do it quick because everyone else is doing it!” trend, Vernhes forecasts that we’re nearing the end of the “designer” or “boutique” hotels. Only time will tell, we suppose. Having stayed in a few ourselves that certainly weren’t up to the standards they thought came with million dollar redesigns, instead looking like former roadside motels gussied up after a trip to Target, we certainly hope he’s onto something.