Laura Lang on Taking CEO Spot at Time: ‘I Have Always Trusted My Instincts’

(Via Adweek)

Now that Laura Lang is the new CEO at Time Inc., everything she says is going to be scrutinized a thousand times over. While that can be tedious for her, it’s fun for the rest of us, so let’s get started. Today, Lang spoke with Adweek, and gave a few insights into what she has planned for the company and what staffers can expect from her.

Lang said she wasn’t looking to leave Digitas, but the opportunity to be part of something so big was too exciting. She also said that she wasn’t deterred by the sudden firing of Jack Griffin because “I have always trusted my instincts — that great people and great brands always lead to great outcomes.” Griffin might not like that answer, but FishbowlNY thinks it’s great because Lang shifts the focus from the past to the present.

When Lang was pressed on her lack of publishing experience, she replied that what mattered was collaborating with others and listening to what the advertisers want. Again, a smart statement — money makes magazines move.

The only odd answer that Lang gave was when she was asked what staffers should know about her. “I’m inclusive, I’m collaborative, but I also like to make decisions,” said Lang. “I like to have great clarity about what I want to accomplish.” A very politically correct reply, but it’s a wishy-washy statement. It’s like saying, “I am like whatever people like!”

We understand she’s trying to come off as pleasant in the interview, but like we said, we’re just doing our job of over-analyzing each word she speaks. Welcome to the New York media scene Lang.