Laura, Don’t You Kiss and Tell?

We’ve got a tiny beef with WaPo’s Laura Sessions Stepp, exceptional sex writer that she is. We’ve been asking her for weeks to answer a few of our questions about how she gets teenage college boys to open up about their problems with impotency (which must lead to some awkward stares in the locker room) or how she finds researchers who know that girls tend to give up their virginity in the summertime with more frequency (surprise, surprise, said researchers are from Mississippi).

No response. No vacation messages on voicemail or from e-mail. No love.

And now Gawker is trying to edge in on our action, yesterday honoring Ms. SS with one of their first “Great Moments in Journalism” awards.

Let’s just say that if you grant those NYC Gawkerphiles an interview before us, we just might have to call for a boycott. We’re even willing to give you the first-ever Golden Goldfish FishbowlDC Award, if you would just take a moment to look our way. (We’re batting our eyelashes this very moment.)