Laura Albert Takes the Stand/Mystery Doc. Maker Revealed


JT Leroy’s creator/channeler Laura Albert may have made a fatal error of judgment (besides the obvious ones). She’s being sued for fraud by a film company that bought the rights to Leroy’s book, Sarah. The Washington Post quotes Marjorie Sturm, a San Francisco-based poet/musician/filmmaker (complete with Noam Chomsky as a MySpace friend) who actually caught the implications of Albert’s recent testimony:

I was wondering if Laura would show up and say, ‘I couldn’t tell the difference between JT and me. But that’s not what she’s saying. She’s saying, ‘I was in complete control.’

According to Stephen Beachy who broke this story,

She (Sturm) had been hired by JT at some point to make a documentary, but they killed it when they realized that Savannah Knoop, who played JT in public, would be recognized. Marjorie has all of this footage from early on, and she’s interviewed everyone involved with the story, with the exception of Laura.

Based on her previous work on gender and genitalia , Sturm, while hardly a name-brand filmmaker, might be just the right person to tell this story. FBLA thinks she should call Sheila Nevins at HBO right this minute.

And Laura Albert? NY Mag thinks the NY Times reporter Alan Feuer has big plans for her.


Laura Albert Sued–JT LeRoy Creator