Launching Today: NewsTilt, The LiveJournal For Serious Journalists

newstilt_4.13.10.jpgNewsLab is launching NewsTilt today – a new platform that intends to help journalists adapt to changes in online journalism. NewsLab hopes it will function as a network made up various hosted micro-sites which will create a close-knit community among its members.

Here’s how the platform describes itself and its mission statement:

NewsLabs is taking journalists, and building their brand online. The goal is to turn each journalist on our platform into a TechCrunch for their niche. NewsTilt is the platform on which this happens.

And, as per NewsTilt’s “Call for Journalists,” it seems to have some pretty defined ideas about the future of journalism:

The old model of news is dead: newspapers are dying, journalists laid off, and everything is moving online. This is old news now. The question is how the creators of news — journalists themselves — can reach and interact with their target audience effectively.

In order the facilitate the community building, NewsTilt will allow participating journalists to select their own domain and create their own branded niche news site within the network. To encourage social networking among its budding community, NewsTilt will require visitors to sign in through Facebook Connect.

Interested journalists must apply to create their niche news site on NewsTilt. Accepted users will then have their own site created for them by NewsLab, which will oversee everything from the site’s design to SEO-friendliness to advertising. Jon Margolis, the former chief national political correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, will oversee the network’s editorial team.

So far, only 30 out of 150 interested journalists have been accepted to join the network. The application process screens writers to determine whether they will produce high-quality, consistent content and to make sure they are not Sally Quinn wearing a mask and making a funny voice.

NewsLab co-founder Paul Biggar says that the site will create revenue by taking 20 percent from ads on the site, currently driven by Google AdSense.