Launch “Code”? Well, mostly.

As the worldwide brouhaha over “The Da Vinci Code” continues to boil over, we really can’t see what all the fuss is about.

I mean, the AP is reporting that the Phillipine capital Manila has banned the movie, while India is both requiring it be shown with “a disclaimer” and that it be “shown to adults only.”

Have people gone utterly nuts? It’s a movie. With Tom Hanks. The idea that such a film would need to carry a disclaimer that its just fiction is as patently absurd as running “Passion of the Christ” as a documentary. It implies that the Church’s doctrine is fact, when what it is, is faith.

And in the end, the best defense against any heretical movie is that it be boring. In this respect, the Christian faithful have nothing to fear from “Da Vinci Code.”

In the meanwhile, we’re tickled by what the AP describes as protests in China by the “The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association” a group with, although not governed by the Vatican, nonetheless accused the Sony of “violating religious ethics and morals and insulting the feelings of clergy and followers,” per the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

You know, when your government is SO repressive that Catholics need to band together in a group called the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association” (presumably so their patriotism isn’t questioned due to their Catholcism) maybe your efforts would be better spent trying to get a new form of government than in blocking a Tom Hanks movie.

Just a theory.