Laugh Factory Owner Looking Far Beyond the Windy City

We already knew about the imminent opening of a third Laugh Factory in Chicago later this month. But FishbowlLA had no idea just how expansive the future plans of owner Jamie Masada (pictured) are.

Per a USA TODAY article about the healthy resurgence of comedy across all media, Masada is aiming to soon be bi-coastal and international with his brand-name stand-up comedy franchise. Along with the original Sunset Blvd. location, opened in 1979, and a Long Beach branch christened in 2008, here’s what the comedy entrepreneur has up his sleeve:

Masada has constructed a humor empire that’s embraced magazines, radio, TV, films and cyberspace. But his focus is on bricks-and-mortar comedy clubs, with plans to open a Laugh Factory in Las Vegas, Boston and Boca Raton by year’s end, followed by ventures in other U.S. cities, Great Britain, Australia and India.

Masada tells reporter Gary Strauss he also hopes to leverage the resulting broader booking opportunities to attract more A-list comedians. The idea of how comics may have to tweak their material for a weekend in Bollywood is hilarious in itself.