LAT’s Interview with Craig Newmark of Craigslist

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist got interviewed about the future of journalism in the LA Times. Let’s not forget that newspapers are struggling in part because of the ad revenue lost to Craigslist. Not that we don’t love the list…because we do.

Here’s part of the interview after Huffington Post is mentioned:

Jon Healey: That’s a great business model too — you don’t pay your writers.

Newmark: There is that, and I am one of them. But we’ll see, then, looser, weaker networks of talented writers who maybe wind up being some of your natural allies who may feed into your organization or similar. But networking is going to be probably the biggest critical success factor, as we used to say at IBM, and right not it’s the size of your network that may determine success in large part. And you will be, you know, involving amateur writers, since some of them will provide some really useful stuff to you and help out.

I would like to see networks of fact-checkers, but I don’t know if that’s exciting or sexy enough for people to do. In my fantasy life, we would see fact-checking becoming a new, distinct, big profession, but that’s probably just my fantasy life since I can’t see people paying people to do full-time fact-checking, at least in substantial numbers.

Healey: We have at least two full-time blogs in L.A. devoted to fact-checking the L.A. Times on a daily basis.

Okay, LAObserved is one. What’s the other one? Patterico?