Latino Influence on Social Media Growing

Research data is making the case for the growing influence of Latinos on social media, especially social media accessed on mobile devices.

One Pew Internet and American Life Project report says 18 percent of Latinos online are Twitter users, a figure that is higher than non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks and which Fox News Latino calls “statistically significant.” The story also reports on BIG Research stats showing that 54.2 percent of Latinos online regularly use Facebook, a stat that’s also higher than the aforementioned groups. (More than 52,000 Facebook users “like” Being Latino, for example.)

However, Latinos are less likely to own a home computer, the story reads.

In addition to the other social networks, Hispanics online are adopting location-based services like Foursquare more quickly, which is tied to their use of mobile devices.

“Partly as a result, they increasingly use smart phones—which are key to location services—as their primary window to the Internet,” the story continues.

The AP reports that despite all the online activity, there’s a “digital divide.” For example, there are limits to what users can do online from their smart phones.
Recently disclosed Census numbers show the large population growth in the Latino community. To reach this demographic, publicists will have to be sensitive to these differences in online usage and conduct their outreach accordingly.