greatest hits: shame on all of us

What does the list of 2005’s most-clicked-on stories say about us as a people? Well, it seems that we like celebrities-gone-bad stories, given that the Brad Renfro heroin bust item made the list despite only going up on December 23. And apparently, we are fascinated by ugly dogs. As well as Katrina. And real estate.

But what’s weird is what’s not on the list. Nothing about Iraq. Nothing about Plame. Nothing, in fact, about any of the big national stories of the year except Katrina. And no sign of great local stories like the King/Drew or Skid Row multi-parters either.

So, since LAT-bashing is such popular sport in this town, I suggest we take a moment to bash ourselves as LAT readers. Have we really been a loving, nurturing audience for the paper? Or have we clicked on the ugly dog stories while under-appreciating the serious work? Because relationships go both ways, folks. Behind every great newspaper is a great readership, people. Let’s try to do better in 2006.