Latest Calibre Update Adds Support for Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet

My favorite ebook library app got an update today.

It’s only been a few days since the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire shipped, but Kovid Goyal and his fellow developers are on the ball. The latest version of calibre (which you can download here) is now set u to help you transfer your eBooks to the newest Android gadgets to hit the market.

This update also adds a number of other fetures and bug fixes, including new conversion options, tweaks to the menu layout, and a new option for making the book jacket.

I’ve posted about calibre in the past. It’s a highly popular eBook and eReader management tool. You can use it to convert eBooks to and from a wide variety of eBook formats. It can also help you in organizing your eBook library and in keeping the eBooks updated across all your eReaders (almost all are supported) as well as on a number of tablets.

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