LATer Richard Rushfield Leaves Gawker

rar-partisan-Dem.jpgRichard Rushfield, who joined Gawker in August to become the site’s West Coast editor, is leaving to consult at the Digital Entertainment Corporation of America, TheWrap reports.

TheWrap also heard from Gawker managing editor Gabriel Snyder:
“The end of the year habitually brings staff changes at Gawker and this year is no different. While Richard is moving on, and I wish him the best in his new venture, I’m getting ready to announce some additions to the Gawker masthead for the new year.”

In August, Rushfield told Neon Tommy that “I’ve seen over the years that print is not what’s driving the conversation anymore. It is the Internet, and Gawker is at the center of it.”

Deca, where Rushfield will now work, is trying to create “a new model for the online entertainment experience.”

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