LateNightShots for Facebook

Will Chu, Mike Weber, Paul Kowssari and Erik Ober just launched a new application that lets you keep track of the local scene. Simply type in your city and browse through the various late night attractions. Additionally, it shows you all of the users that have added each location to their favorites. As soon as I signed up it immediately reminded me of LateNightShots, an invite-only social-network dedicated to DC nightlife. As of now there was only one venue for Washington, D.C. but New York city and Los Angeles has a ton of venues. As of now there are around 350 users on the application but I can see this one taking off. One feature that I would like to see is photos from each location. Additionally, it would be great to see a list of upcoming events that users can post. Aside from that, this application is well made and is easy to navigate. If you are a regular to nights out on the town, then go grab the Bar|Book application. It’s a great way to find other people that like to attend the same places as you do. Maybe you’ll even find some new places to attend!