Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Comes to the iPhone

The late-night app wars are starting to heat up, as NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon released an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app, LNJF, that includes four made-up apps, video clips, blog posts, and photos.

The fictional apps that became reality on LNJF include Axl Rose Relaxation, which features Fallon’s screaming Axl Rose impersonation over mellow mood music; and Moldova Y/N, which uses geo-location technology to inform users whether or not they are actually in Moldova.

From the LNJF iTunes App Store page:

Need a friend? We bet you do. Jimmy Fallon’s willing, plus, he fits into your iPhone for maximum portability. What a pal! The new Late Night app lets you explore Jimmy’s phone and play around with his mini-apps from the show. Just what is the “iBanana” or “Axl Rose Relaxation?” Download the app and you’ll never wonder again.

You can also watch video from the show, read blog posts, flip through photos, and it’s all free. (You’re welcome.)

And don’t forget to tune-in to the show, Jimmy’s going to announce a bunch of contests, challenges, and features that use the app.

An Android version is also forthcoming.