Fred Armisen Deadpans His Way to Instant Late Night Approval

Without a doubt, the highlight of the first few Late Night with Seth Meyers broadcasts has been the host’s post-monologue banter with band leader Fred Armisen. That’s not to say Meyers is stumbling. Relatively speaking, especially when compared to Conan’s rocky start so many years ago, Stefon’s Significant Other is ably feeling his way around the new territory and scoring a number of solid monologue hits.

Not so fortunate is the Late Night set. We’re not sure why Meyers’ desk is so small, or if the NBC production design team realized that the arch above the curtain when camera-framed during the monologue would make it look like Meyers’ head is glued to the top of the structure. Hopefully, in time, these elements will be smoothed out.

On the first three shows, Armisen has goofed about his History Channel program Recent History, the little known sport of competitive statueing and his brand new 700-page self-help book, Fill In the Blanks. By author Fred [Blank]. Good stuff.

Armisen and Meyers will have to move on soon to a new premise. But these bits out of the gate have confirmed that the choice of Meyers’ former Weekend Update character pal as band leader was indeed inspired.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.