LAT Spurs Brain Drain, Sacks Terry McDermott


Yep, the 2008 AAAS Science Journalism Awards from the American Association for the Advancement of Science winner, journalist and author Terry McDermott got laid off from the LAT.

What award do you have to win to get some job security in this town? Whatever award they give out for working for free…blogging. Geez.

FBLA caught up with McDermott this morning. He told us, “I’m afraid the folks running things at The Times wouldn’t know a horse to ride it they got run over by it. I’m not sure anyone else knows much more. I’m not a fan of the local LAT management, but the real
problem is in Chicago.”

We also asked him about his new book. “The book, my second, following the truly light-hearted group portrait of the 9/11 hijackers, is leaving – no, flying – outa my computer, em, soon. Well, when its wings finish growing. Plan to finish this week or early next.” He tells us.

Keep up with everything Terry does at his site.