LAT Sends Schwarzenegger A Valentine


Michael Rothfeld writes today that the fires have brought out the best in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

At every turn, he has drawn an unspoken contrast between his on-the-spot presence and the failures following Hurricane Katrina — emphasizing that the state has done everything in its power to help — and making public his letters and personal entreaties to Bush.

Commanding the fire effort has played to Schwarzenegger’s old strength as a world-famous celebrity thriving in the limelight and to his political preference for decisive action with immediate results, those who know him say.

But this loving tribute has rankled some of the governor’s critics — including a man named J.D. who has submitted this missive to the paper’s Op/Ed page (thanks for the cc, J.D.):

So now the Times is Schwarzenegger’s booster? No hard answers to hard questions? Just pics of an ex-muscle man posing before the cameras? This passes press coverage?

Please review the governor’s comments to ABC’s Claire Shipman and note how really foolish he sounds.

Despite the governor’s grandstanding, the state government was not particularly well prepared, well coordinated. Rather, it was the county and local fire-fighting efforts which did the heavy lifting. Where/when exactly did the state help out? In Orange County?

Also, Schwarzenegger was/is clearly clueless about the advisements of his own Blue Ribbon Fire Commission of 2004. Why?

Because far too much of his time is spent on posing/globe trotting/’global warming’ to be bothered with his Republican constituents’ lack of fire support/equipment here and there (i.e. Orange County).