LAT Mag to Keep Its Senior Editor After All

He had one foot out the door, but Los Angeles Times Magazine senior editor Jod Kaftan couldn’t go through with it. As we reported a few days ago, Kaftan gave notice that he’d be leaving his position at the magazine to become director of content for a social media start up. Today, however, Kaftan emailed us to say that he was staying put with the Times after all.

I just didn’t want to give up on journalism in my hometown at the paper I grew up with and loved. Sometimes you have to follow your passion. … I know I sound like a hallmark card but I was raised by a new age-y actress.

We were raised in Boston, where the only thing guys were allowed to be passionate about was the Red Sox. And the Celtics when Larry Bird was still there.

We envy you, sir. We envy you.

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