LAT: Laid Off Journos Will Be Running the Marathon

Baxter Holmes ties the recession and the marathon together in a piece in the LAT today. Truth is the LA Marathon sold out for the first time in its 25 years because they changed the course. It’s finally a race people will travel to run. And running isn’t cheap. You have to buy clothes that moisture wick, shoes and if you do it wrong a doctor. In bowling you can rent the shoes.

Holmes writes:

For 10 years, Michael Ward had a routine: Up at 4 a.m., breakfast, catch the bus to work as an editor at an aviation newsletter, then leave at 6 p.m. and back to his one-bedroom, one-bathroom Santa Monica apartment.

But on May 1, 2009, when it was time to get up, Ward, 39, didn’t. He had been laid off the day before. He lay in bed for hours, angry, scared.

His head told him he needed to be somewhere, that there was work to do.

Then it hit him: “There’s nothing there.”

He had to get out of the house. So he grabbed a pair of old sneakers and went to Clover Park near Santa Monica Municipal Airport. He took a step. Then he took about 3,000 more, running two miles, using a trash can as a lap marker.

Whole piece is here.

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