LAT Journos Went to the Oscars in a Limo

The Tribune Company, the parent company of the LA Times is in bankruptcy (still). So former staffers (whom there are now many) were more than happy to tell us Sallie Hofmeister and Craig Turner attended the Oscars this year in a limousine on the company’s dime. The former staffers are understandably irritated they’re unemployed while those still on the payroll are rolling in style. According to our sources in previous years journalists and even a publisher attending the swanky gala took their own cars.

We asked Nancy Sullivan, LAT publicist if it was true. Did Hofmeister and Turner take a limo to the Academy Awards? “Don’t know if you’re aware,” Sullivan tells FBLA. “But security precautions make any entry other than via limo next to impossible.”

That confirms the story about the limo. Is a limo required to cover the Oscars? Doesn’t that sound like something you’d think if you were a 12 year old girl living in Ohio? We asked current staffers if the only way to be at the awards is to show up in a rented stretched vehicle. All of them told us usually everyone just takes their own car or gets dropped off.

Yeah, we need to cover a cocktail party but due to security reasons, we need new shoes.