LAT in 90 Seconds — The TV Edition

Deal-ing in Death: Ding. Ding. It’s way down low in Scott Collins’ story about the ever-shifting network TV fall lineup, but it’s there. Do you hear it? The death knell for ER? Not only is George Clooney’s alma mater going into its 13th season (13th!) but NBC is leading into the show with Deal or No Deal, the Howie Mandel game show that captures very close to none of the audience that normally watch hospital dramas. Or any dramas. Or anything with a plot.

perry.jpgBefore a Studio Audience: We haven’t seen Studio 60 yet (our TiVo is at the ready), but we already know we disagree with Paul Brownfield. Brownfield’s review calls the show “kind of annoying.” Which is fine. It probably is.

But what he fails to realize is how important this show could be. It’s great to have Jon Stewart and Bill Maher holding a mirror to our fat, lazy country and eviscerating our Criminal-in-Chief on cable. But network TV, frankly, could use a few more people going all blue-state bonkers — delivering dogma-laden one-liners to rouse the lollygagging TV audience into realizing that, “Hey, our nation has been hijacked by a bunch of thugs and mind-control fiends. Art is virtually non-existent. The world is a painful place, and our morphine drip of oblivious consumption is about run out.”

Or, whatever. I heard The Class is pretty good, too.

csi.jpgHow About CSI/FBLA: Jamaica? Somehow, CSI: Miami writers managed to convince CBS and Paramount to let the cast and crew wander the globe this season. According to the LAT, the writers chose Brazil for their first trip “because the show already had established a story there: At the end of the third season, Horatio put his own brother, sister-in-law and nephew on a plane to Rio.”

We have an idea for a twist to the show: Agent Park discovers that two enterprising L.A. bloggers are hot on the trail of international terrorists and must be brought in to help in an investigation — one that’s happening in the Caribbean somewhere. Where locals subsist solely on fruity beverages and foot massages.

(Note to Ann Donahue: Call us.)