LAT in 90 Seconds — The Law and Order Edition

campbellcourt.jpgLeading Lede? Is the AP inserting subtle bias into a court story about Naomi Campbell’s assault case? Campbell’s former maid is charging the model with throwing a cell phone at her, and twice the AP story describes Campbell as “mute.”

“We’re still in the process of working out a possible disposition,” said Assistant District Attorney Shanda Strain at a short hearing where the 36-year-old supermodel stood mutely.

“Campbell, who didn’t speak with reporters after the hearing, showed up for court in a formfitting dark gray dress and a black cloth jacket, with 3-inch heels on black suede pumps.”

She didn’t throw the cell phone at her maid out of anger, see? She just thought that’s what it’s for.

danielbaldwinpic.jpgCourt of Personality: Rob Long suggests a new way of ranking celebrity: If you get out of jail free, you’re a star. But if you have to post bail, you’re just a schmuck in jail.

simpsonphoto.jpgQuit While You’re Acquitted: Yes, we’ve already mentioned it. But Holy S**t does it bear repeating.