LAT in 90 Seconds — The Apology Edition

gibsonrichards.jpgMichael Richards: A Seemingly Jewish Guy Mel Gibson Could Love: Mel weighs in on the Richards’ brouhaha in Entertainment Weekly. And we hear Cookie is going to run Michael Jackson’s single-parent parenting tips for Britney Spears. We’d be terribly jaded journalists if we pointed out that Gibson’s defense of a guy people only think is Jewish runs in the Dec. 8 issue of the magazine — the same day that his new movie happens to premiere.

ojpix.jpgSidebar: The breaking Mel piece runs with a pretty funny study in celebrity confessionals.

spearsmomma.jpg‘Toxic’ Friendship: Following the proliferation of Britney Spears’ crotch shots (no, we’re not linking to it) all over the Web, an AP writer urges Brit to dump her bad-influence-pal Paris Hilton, put some panties on and book an appearance on Oprah before her career fizzles completely.

Entertainment Weekly magazine executive editor Lori Majewski (what is it with EW in the LAT today?) says: “The public can be very forgiving and, you know, if she were to go on Oprah, the court of public opinion could quickly turn.”