LAT In 90 Seconds

35308625-06091920.jpgPaps Feel The Pinch: Bad economic times are hitting everyone. Even the guys who follow Britney Spears around: “The prices that photos fetch are often overstated, but … an exclusive photo of Spears today would only bring a 10th of what it did during her most erratic times.” Soon paps will start sounding like laid off coal miners. Hot, angry, Brazilian coal miners.

sura.jpgIt’s What The Kids Want: Dawn Chmielewski reports that ESPN will launch an online network dedicated to action sports — surfing, skateboarding and the like — to expand their fan base beyond, you know, your dad.

41310880.jpgLate-Bird Special: Rachel Abramowitz notices that many of today’s blockbuster’s stars are over 40. That’s such an astute observation… that most entertainment journalists made it, like, a year ago.