LAT In 90 Seconds

We Are Officially The Only People Who Didn’t Think Ang Lee’s Film Sucked: This John Horn piece about the new Hulk film is one of many that accepts Lee’s suckitude as a foregone conclusion. This… makes… us… so… angry!

Rabbi Rushfield’s Eulogy: “And so we bid farewell to Jason Castro, American Idol’s first hippy finalist. With his piercing eyes, goofy remarks, perpetual smile and unmistakable sweet nature, he was a contestant who was impossible not to like… Whether through his music or his personality, Castro always brought a bit of fun to the Idol stage, was never just filler, and for that we wish him well and treasure the time we’ve shared in the Idoldome.”

Steal This: “The six major Hollywood studios have won a $111-million judgment for copyright infringement against shut-down file-sharing website”

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