LAT In 90 Seconds

36311056.jpgTimes Are A-Changing: In a rare admission of pussydom, the LAT writes

“Reporters have long had to tread carefully when writing about Scientology, fearful that lawsuits and other kinds of retaliation would follow any story that Scientology did not like. But that may be changing.”

What changed? The LAT claims it has to do with former Scientologists speaking out against the religion. But we have other theories.

36191981-28182117.jpgNo Three-Peat: The LAT is man enough to admit when they get it wrong. Despite projections of great things, Semi-Pro fails to make it big at the box office. Maybe it’s time for Will Ferrell to make, you know, a movie we haven’t already seen.

nyctraffic1_jvj0qbnc.jpgVeronique de Turenne Takes on the New York Times: We’re as tired as the next gal of New Yorkers sniffing their noses at L.A. If L.A. is so bad, why do so many New Yorkers move here?