LAT In 90 Seconds

32516644.jpgScarborough County? UCI rescinded its offer to make liberal legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky dean of its new law school because the frequent media pundit a bit too blue-state for Orange County’s tastes. In particular, he was un-hired following a an Aug. 16 LAT Op/Ed piece that said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was “about to adopt an unnecessary and mean-spirited regulation that will make it harder for those on death row to have their cases reviewed in federal court.” If it’s any consolation to Chemerinsky, Gonzales doesn’t have his old job anymore, either.

32511511.jpgMore Bad Ideas From Hollywood: The executive producer/grave robber of the Anna Nicole Smith movie, Joe Nasser, says he is in pre-production on a film called Hollywood Brats, “which will be based on the real-life crime blotter events in the lives of a trio of young celebrities.” Show me the actress who wants to play Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, and we’ll show you an actress with a bad manager.

32509533.jpgIf You Want Someone To Eat Cheese With: Comedian Jeff Garlin is your guy.