LAT In 90 Seconds

cand.jpegMore On Anderson’s Resignation: At least one former Register associate was dispatched to cover the resignation of N. Christian Anderson from OCR. The story makes it sound as though there isn’t a whole lot of love lost: “This month, the Register cut about three dozen newsroom jobs. One reporter said staff members saw some justice in Anderson’s departure because it ‘wasn’t just the workers who produce the paper every day who were forced to sacrifice.”

newtfg.jpegFour Score And A Few Debates From Now: This Op/Ed piece marks the first time in recorded history that we’ve agreed with Newt Gingrich.

monstericon.jpegMonster Crime: Thieves are hard at work, culling personal info off resumes posted on and tricking job-seekers into divulge their bank account numbers and passwords. Finally, someone scores a job from the site.