LAT in 90 Seconds

cussler.jpgBehind Closed Doors: Clive Cussler is raising eyebrows for having his trial in front of only a handful of people — but it’s still more people than have read his books.

shavelson.jpgFunny Misunderstanding: By the headline this morning, we had mistakenly thought the LAT had replaced Patrick Goldstein with 90-year-old comedy writer Mel Shavelson. We wondered what that said about the paper’s vision of its own sustainability.

dcmad.jpgSweeps Bonanza: The newsroom at ABC must sound like a cap-gun factory, what with all the champagne we’re sure is being uncorked. And we’ll pop our own bottle for FBLA‘s bro, Patrick Gavin, who lends this lovely kicker quote: “If you make a stink, everyone in this small town will eventually smell it.”