LAT in 90 Seconds

o'neill.jpgAdvice For Aspiring Screenwriters: Want to survive a pitch meeting? Become an undercover FBI agent first.

ansshot.jpgAnna Nicole Smith Story: Now With 30% Less Class! As relatives and boyfriends, and who knows who else, battle over Anna Nicole Smith’s decomposing body, a judge in Florida is prolonging the case by ordering Smith’s boyfriend/attorney to testify on Tuesday. Maybe it’s just us, but anytime hotly contested issues are adjudicated in Florida, we get the heebie-jeebies.

bootyp.jpgPirate’s Booty: A publicly funded study released today reports that bootleg DVDs, CDs, purses and prescription drugs cost more than 100,000 jobs in L.A. and $5.2 billion in lost sales in 2005. Thanks for the buzzkill, guys. This totally takes the joy out of carrying our fake Prada bag.