LAT in 90 Seconds

silvermanmagic.jpgTMI: Sometimes a review says more about the reviewer than the show itself. Take Paul Brownfield’s lovesick riff on The Sarah Silverman Program.

“I’ve dated her comedy, by which I mean the person Silverman is in her comedy — superior and always one step ahead of me, tasting what I just said and spitting it back at me with a clever note attached, or passive-aggressive put-down, or zinger. Ah, the achy love particular to a slightly less clever white Jewish male for the Semitic goddess who is meaner and quicker, who can talk so dirty and yet be so pretty in cargo pants and a T-shirt.”

Wow. Paul, who hurt you, baby?

billboardsign.jpgThings Are About To Get Ugly: Billboard companies that altered their signs illegally — by making their poles higher, enlarging them, changing their angle — might get away with it under a settlement between L.A. and the companies that could be approved today. The settlement will also allow companies to “modernize” their signs, meaning soon you could find yourself in a SigAlert on the 405 watching the same damn Geico commercial for 45 minutes on infinite loop.

gorepix.jpgAl Gore Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize: But he was totally bummed to learn Katherine Harris is on the deciding committee.