LAT in 90 Seconds

freespeechlady.jpgThis Evangelist Walks Into A Bar: The California Supreme Court will hear an important precedent-setting free speech case that could determine the legal definition of “prior restraint.” Too bad the defendant in the case is an evangelist who has stood outside a Newport Beach bar telling customers “that the bar makes sex videos, dabbles in child pornography, distributes illegal drugs, encourages lesbian activities, has mafia links, is a whorehouse and sells tainted food — all false statements.” Her lawyers say the First Amendment protects her rights to make these false statements. Same way it protects our rights to call her a nutjob.

cuttingroom.jpgFuture Imperfect: Political hopefuls be warned: Anything you do or say can and will be used against you on YouTube for the rest of your lives.

mirrenspeech.jpgAs Expected: The Envelope tells us that “of the last 24 winners in the guild’s leading actor categories, 17 have won Oscar gold.” Get that Oscar speech ready Ms. Mirren.