LAT in 90 Seconds

lipsflaming.jpgPeople Having More Fun Than You: If your New Year’s Eve was spent wrapped in a blanket and sniffling into a bowl of chicken soup, don’t read about how the Flaming Lips New Year’s Eve show was the best party on Earth or how the Killers killed.

latpredicts.jpgAnd Cars Will Fly, And Robots Will Do Our Homework: We don’t like to make media predictions, but we’ll make an exception here. Our prediction for 2007 is that the LAT predictions for 2007 look silly by 2008.

To wit:

Tribune Co. is bought by the Los Angeles newspaper dynasty (the Chandlers) that is its largest shareholder, which is intent on avoiding a huge tax bill had the company — owner of the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Cubs, KTLA-TV Channel 5 and many other properties — been sold off piecemeal.

dirtpic.jpgMaybe ‘Dirt’ Should Hire Her: Leave it to Robin Abcarian to make even the least interesting-sounding TV show in the lineup sound like something worth watching. Well, some of us think so, anyway.