LAT in 90 Seconds

batesmotel.jpgPrevious Owner, Norman Bates: NBC has dusted off 25-year-old plans to build 2,9000 homes and apartment units, along with a new urban retail center, on the backlot of Universal Studios. The homes would span the sites of Colonial Street, European Street, the Bates Motel and “Psycho” house, and the “War of the Worlds” disaster scene — which we’re guessing is where the low-income homes would go.

dangerous.jpgJesus as a Frat Boy: Want the sense of moral superiority without all that touchy-feely “love thy neighbor” crap? Here’s the guy for you.

badclintonpic.jpgMean Girls: Arianna Huffington, committing a mortal sin of powerful women, knocks Hillary Clinton’s wishy-washy presidential positioning as “a cautionary tale about a perfect little girl who had a perfect little plan that went perfectly astray.”

A perfect little girl? Huffington ruins what could be a cogent and useful argument about Clinton’s failure to lead by turning it into junior high popular girl poison.