LAT in 90 Seconds

brianwilliams.jpgWhat Do We Want? Freedom (of the press)! When Do We Want It? Eventually! Following the LAT lead, NBC News has started using “civil war” to describe the, well, civil war going on in Iraq. Use of the phrase will likely anger Bush, who has resisted referring to the civil war as a civil war. The fact that a news organization is using the term, means its editors are starting to use their heads. The fact that use of an accurate phrase makes the news depresses the hell out of us.

victoriousyouth.jpgVictorious Youth Makes Loser Out of Getty? Michael Brand, director of the J. Paul Getty Museum writes an Op/Ed about the ongoing problems the museum is having with the Italian government over the museum’s 26 stolen pieces. Apparently, it all comes down to politics and one statue — a Greek statue the Italians, according to Brand, never owned. The Italians see it differently.

strikers1.jpgLook Who’s Not Talking: The WGA is refusing to begin early contract negotiations, a move that suggests we can expect a strike — and more abhorrent reality TV — down the road.
Writers? Who Needs ‘Em? Not ANTM!