LAT in 90 Seconds

burton.jpgIn the Valley with Scott and Tim: Scott Timberg is a smart man. If we had a chance to corral one of our favorite directors into a car to spend the day with us we, too, would use the flimisiest of news pegs (“it’s Halloween! And You’re Tim Burton! Let’s visit your old ‘haunts! Get it?”) to do it.

ClearChannel Selling Out? What could make ClearChannel more monolithic and unstoppably evil? Taking it private.

aawax.jpgKitch Factor: People are up-in-arms that Madame Tussauds wants to build a wax museum next to Grauman’s. They say Tussauds won’t preserve the vibe of the historic street. That’s probably true, but Ye Old Crack House was having a tough time getting through the Planning Commission.