LAT in 90 Seconds

newsie.jpgYou Can’t Do That To Television: The LAT draws parallels between its own money problems and those of NBC Universal. And says the Web, which has been eroding newspaper readership, if finally catching up to TV. Again, we shake our heads at this: Technology doesn’t kill old media, schlock kills old media.

arbtys.jpgThis PBS Blog Item Is Brought To You By Arby’s: PBS is pissing off watchdog groups by giving commercial sponsors a higher profile. Yes, Virginia, nothing is sacred anymore.

stringer.jpgStringer Grabbing at Threads: Sony Corp. exec Howard Stringer was dealt a humiliating blow when MGM dismissed Sony as its domestic DVD distributor in May. This is what happens when media companies turn power over to disinterested investors who want to turn a quick buck. Sony would have been better off partnering with Arby’s.