LAT in 90 Seconds

bikram.jpgHot and Bothered: Yoga instructor to the stars, Bikram Choudhury agreed to have his company plead guilty to three of the 10 criminal counts brought against him by city prosecutors who said his “hot yoga” studio violated fire and safety codes. This means the La Cienega school will stay open, and the hot bodies of overheated celebs will continue to disgust us as we watch them pile into their cars from the Jack In The Box down the street.

jimcarrey.jpgJim Carrey: Is this guy ever going to work again?

revolved.jpgI Want to Hold Your Yellow Submarine, Sexy Sadie: The Beatles have allowed the Cirque de Soleil people to record mash-ups of the band’s heavily copyrighted songs. We hope this is a sign that the Beatles (and their own personal China, Michael Jackson) are going to relax their grip on their practically-American-folk-song collection and let the creative, the interesting and the double-jointed have a go at their music.