LAT in 90 Seconds

The Further Chicagofication of LAT: James Rainey’s piece on the firing (or was it shooting?) of LAT publisher Jeff Johnson ran online yesterday, while today’s paper carries a profile of David Hiller, the guy from Chicago who has swooped in to take Johnson’s place.

But why stop with suits? Next we hear the Trib will replace Philippe’s with the Billy Goat.

justice.jpgSly Switches at Fox: Fox is changing up its prime-time lineup — and we had finally finished setting our TiVo.

bradgreenspan.JPGSeller’s Remorse: Some people believe they are constantly being fleeced. Others, like creator, Brad Greenspan believe they are victims of “one of the largest merger and acquisition scandals in U.S. History.” We like people like Greenspan. They’re more interesting. Maybe he’ll accept our friend request.