LAT in 90 Seconds

kingdrew.jpgWell, They Didn’t Win the Pulitzer for Nothin’: King/Drew Medical Center is basically closing. They’re not closing-closing, mind you. But they’re cutting back so much they’ll basically become little more than an ER for the sick kids and gunshot wounds of Watts. The story, mercifully, does not go into the whole, sick history of the place that lead to the LAT‘s big prize.

jameswoods.jpgGonzo Journalism: Did Maria Elena Fernandez just dump her notes, or is this profile of James Woods supposed to be disjointed? We don’t get it.

observatory.jpgGet the Story, Get the Times: Hey Kevin from Colorado, remember last week when you e-mailed, asking us when the Observatory is going to open? Nov. 3. Glad we could help.