LAT in 90 Seconds

anna.jpgGene Office Pool: Some schmo claims to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s latest creation (Apparently there was one pill Anna wasn’t popping) and is demanding a paternity test. FBLA thinks if you’re jockeying to have anything to do with Anna Nicole Smith, there’s probably something wrong with you and you might reconsider having a record of your DNA out there.

zalillian.jpgQuote director-screenwriter Steve Zaillian will most likely regret this morning: “Maybe down the road I’ll figure it out,” Zaillian told the LAT in a post-mort about the failure of All the King’s Men that takes himself a tad too seriously. “We’re all a bit shell-shocked. I feel like Huey Long must have felt–you try to do good and they shoot you for it.”

moneycode.jpgWho Wants to be a Millionaire? Write code? Have any idea how to save Netflix from succumbing to its eventual Internet-driven demise? Then put down your Coco Puffs, and get typing.