LAT in 90 Seconds

monkey.jpgGolden Opportunity: Very few reporters ever get to begin a story about international trade agreements with this lead:

“Once upon a time, children in China believed there was a golden monkey with magical powers that lived in the forest, fighting evil, and living off slow-growing lichen. Its fur was the color of gold, while its face was a striking blue.”

Carla Hall
gets to. And we’re a little jealous.

Christmas Coming Too Early?
In The Envelope today, Rachel Abramowitz and John Horn wonder whether an early Oscar season dams doom “good” movies by making them compete for box office bucks in the fall rather than in the winter.

We have no idea what difference it makes. Jackass still earned more than All The King’s Men last weekend. Maybe “good” movies should just play at festivals, and let theater-goers amuse themselves with fart jokes.

boston.jpgIs This Thing On? Boston Legal regularly breaks the fourth wall. Is that clever? Is that lame? We don’t care. Just so long as there are no dancing babies.