LAT in 90 Seconds

The Jesus Pill, Now In Chewable Form: The documentary Jesus Camp, which follows evangelical Christian children at a religious summer camp, opens this week in L.A. The focus of the film, Pastor Becky Fischer, can’t understand why people are up in arms over her camp’s activities, which include macrame, sand painting, praying over a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush. and pledging a willingness to die in Jesus’ name.

jackass.jpgBox-Office Hits: Now With 25% More Jackass: While All the King’s Men tanked, Jackass: Number Two pulled in $28.1 million this weekend, outdoing its predecessor by 25 percent. In other words, in the four years since the first Jackass movie, this world has grown 25 percent more stupid. (And still you can only see Idiocracy in, like, Culver City or something.)

jobs.jpgRats and Bad Apples: The Apple/Disney online movie deal could end up being bad business for both parties, with other movie houses seeing the partnership as an extension of Disney (and therefore a competitor) and with Disney alienating WalMart. Oh, and then there’s a whole conflict of interest thing, with Steve Jobs owning $4 billion in Disney Stock.

Yeah. Good luck, guys. Sounds promising.